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Products Overview

Since 2002, Excalibur Plastics has been one of the area’s largest suppliers to the greenhouse industry. We are are continually looking to grow our business and have largely expanded into the United States and Mexico. Providing greenhouse plastic, energy curtains, woven groundcover and water storages to Canada & the USA and greenhouse plastic, coco substrate, shading paint, insect screens/curtains, woven groundcover and water storage tanks to Mexico.

Excalibur is devoted to supplying high-tech, high-quality products to support and assist in further developing the region’s agricultural segment. Our most superior ability is to provide quality service to all customers, given that we are able to carry a vast amount of stock.

We specialize in:

  • MultiEVA/MultiFLEX/MultiSolar Diffused/Long-life

  • Energy Screens/Light Abatement Screens/Shade Screens

  • Black/White Reflective Film

  • 4″ Clear Patching Tape

  • Overwintering Film Clear/White 3mil/4mil/6mil

  • Super and Heavy Duty Crop Removal Tarps

  • Black or White Woven Ground Cover

  • Cypress Mulch/Pine Bark Nuggets

  • Complete Curtain Systems (horizontal and wall)

  • Complete turn key installations of all products we sell

Greenhouse Plastic

Excalibur Plastics Specializes in Eiffel Greenhouse Poly. MultiEVA plastic is a premium greenhouse poly designed to optimize plant vigour and greenhouse climate conditions for the grower.

Eiffel has been manufacturing polyethylene since 1962. Since 2002, Excalibur Plastics has been supplying various greenhouse plastics for tunnel covering, films for mulching and films for silage. We are the exclusive Eiffel distributor in Canada, USA and Mexico.

EIFFEL Industria Materie Plastiche S.p.A. is an Italian company that specializes in plastic processing in Fontanellato (Parma). At this location EIFFEL is constantly researching and implementing new polymers to produce the highest quality films. Products are stress tested to confirm their resistance to tearing, elongation, impact, ageing, and chemical agents in order to maximize lifespan.

Request more information about our greenhouse plastic or click here to request a quote today.

Energy Curtains

To maximize your growth potential, Excalibur Plastics supplies Energy Curtains which use light, humidity and temperature to produce an ideal growing condition. These energy curtains can’t affect outdoor conditions but are essential for controlling the climate inside of a greenhouse environment. With a variety of uses from high grade light diffusion, maximizing light transmission, light restriction, UV protection, and thermal control, energy curtains provide the potential achieve high yields, high quality at a lower cost.

Your business needs energy curtains to thrive. Learn more about Svensson energy curtains below or contact Excalibur Plastics today to request your free quote.

Healthier plants and accelerated production – this is the result of Harmony’s gentle approach to managing sunlight. Its white strips simply scatter sunlight more effectively. To further improve cooling, many Harmony screens have an open structure.

Reasons to choose Harmony energy curtains:

  • High grade light diffusion actively scatters the sunlight to reach deeper – and more evenly – into the crop.

  • Less risk of burning the plants and more light exposure at a cooler temperature.

  • Improved productivity and stronger healthier plants due to more even light distribution to upper and lower sections of the crop.

  • A gentle and effective environment not only for plants – but also the people working in the greenhouse.

  • Increased crop quality due to lower temperature of the fruit or flower.

Luxous lets the most daylight reach the crop while saving energy and improving the greenhouse climate. Its translucent strips and closed structure are effective when in use, but also when not in use – as bundle sizes are unusually small.

Reasons to choose Luxous:

  • Energy savings with maximized production thanks to highest light transmission.

  • Less risk of damage to plants as condensation forming on the screen at night is better absorbed.

  • Maximum light transmission even when not in use thanks to smallest bundle sizes.

Double layered Obscura screens provide the total blackout needed to manage plants that need a shorter day than daylight hours allow. Single layer Obscura is used with supplemental lighting for plants that need additional light. It keeps the light inside the greenhouse for maximum effect – and restricts the light from disturbing neighbours.

Reasons to choose Obscura:

  • Total control over day length for the most sensitive plants
  • Effective cooling when reflective upper surface chosen

  • High energy saving especially if one layer is aluminum

  • Light emission control that satisfies neighbours and legislation

  • Increased productivity when used with supplemental lighting

  • More uniformity from supplemental lighting in the growing area

  • Good moisture management

Solaro has a highly reflective quality and an open structure ideal for ventilation. But unlike natural cloud cover, it can be put to use whenever it’s needed. This makes it ideal for shading in hot climates or simply to manage more sensitive plants.

Reasons to choose Solaro:

  • The ultimate shading thanks to its open structure for maximum ventilation

  • Effective cooling for greenhouses with roof ventilation

  • Exterior grade versions available allowing other screens to be used inside for greater climate versatility

  • Without gapping for ventilation, the shading – and crop – are more even

  • Can be used at night to reduce radiation losses that otherwise cause condensation on plants

Tempa uses aluminum strips in a closed structure to bring the greatest energy savings of all. But it also doubles as an effective shading screen when needed. This dual functionality makes it ideal as a single screen solution or where needs are often changing.

Reasons to choose Tempa:

  • The greatest energy savings at any given shading level
  • Doubles up as an effective shading screen by day

  • A more even temperature throughout the greenhouse when used with a pad and fan cooling system

  • A single-screen solution for shading, cooling and maximum energy saving

  • Maximum cooling when installed above plants in a greenhouse with side ventilation

Woven Groundcover

Excalibur Plastics is proud to supply Svensson woven groundcoverclimate screens and energy curtains to Canada, USA, and Mexico. These products maximize light to create a better climate for growing for products and your business. Woven groundcover creates a clean surface and keeps soil free from weeds. It’s permeable to water, strong and durable which make it ideal for use in the agriculture and horticulture industries. Black groundcover is used outside to stop weeds from growing and reduces the need to use herbicides. White groundcover is ideal for inside a greenhouse as it reflects light.

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Water Storage Tanks

Excalibur Plastics provides solutions to the Agriculture and Horticulture sectors by supplying and installing water storage tanks from Genap. Genap’s water steel water silo’s can have a diameter of between 1 and 32 metres and a height of between 1 and 5.5 metres. With a service life that extends 25 years and longer, these efficient silos are watertight to prevent algae growth or evaporation and manufactured with a Plastisol coating making them incredibly durable.

Genap water silos are designed to withstand a variety of extreme climate conditions from heat, cold and high UV exposure. Excalibur Plastic is proud to supply and install Genap water solutions in Canada, USA, and Mexico. To learn more about our water storage tanks solutions please contact us below or click here to request your quote today.

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