BROWNGROW - SILVER With cucumber, eggplant and capsicum production prominent in greenhouses throughout the world, we have developed a media solution that offers these popular varieties the ultimate nourishing environment. Brown Grow Silver provides a stabilised pH, low EC, high air porosity and excellent drainage capabilities. Pre-drilled and pre-cut dripper holes, drainage slits and planting holes makes Brown Grow Silver substrate your ultimate choice in a Complete Ready to Grow Media solution. SPECIFICATIONS Specifically developed for cucumber, eggplant and capsicum Air holding capacity of 25% at full saturation EC below 0.5 pH level 5.7 – 6.7 Excellent generative and vegetative control Available in unwashed, washed, super washed or buffered* Made from high quality, sieved coco husk chips and fine coco peat with drainage slits*, plant holes*, plank holes* and dripper holes* pre-cut and drilled. 100% organic and recyclable Standard sizes: 100x20x14 cm 100x18x14 cm 100x15x10/100x15x12/100x15x14 cm UV protected bags can be custom manufactured to suit grower’s size requirements *Available on request, conditions apply.