The MULTIEVA is a thermal and transparent multi layers film produced with co-polymers in different percentage of ethylene vynil-acetate (EVA) and mixed with UV stabilizers. Among thermal films it is definitely the most highly performed because besides exalting EVA transparency and thermal effect, it cuts its principal imperfections, such as tack, which reduces the transparency due to dust adherence, and the extreme elasticity. Eiffel proposes two version of the film according to life duration: MULTIEVA 3 in 150 microns thickness (technical data sheet) for duration covering of one agricultural season (classified in terms of duration in “B” class referring to EN 13206 law) MULTIEVA 33 in 200 microns thickness for duration covering of 3 agricultural seasons (classified in terms of duration in “E” class referring to EN 13026 law) The Multieva 3 film is proposed only with the anti-drop additive, while the Multieva 33 film with anti-drop additive (AD) and anti-fog additive (AF).