BROWNGROW - BRONZE In a world market where commercial berry production is on the rise we have developed a coco medium that offers strawberries and small fruit the ultimate in growth, support and yield outcome. Berries thrive in a quick-draining media, and our specially developed blend of coco fibers in Brown Coir Bronze Grow Bags are a superior, Ready to Grow Media, and can come conveniently supplied with drainage and plant holes pre-cut, and dripper holes pre-drilled. Our high-quality coco offers plants easy rooting throughout the substrate along with excellent draining properties, while holding onto critical water and nutrient solutions. SPECIFICATIONS Specifically developed for strawberries and small fruits Air holding capacity 20 to 25% volume at full saturation EC below 0.5 pH level 5.7 – 6.7 Vegetative control Available in unwashed, washed, super washed or buffered* Standard sizes : 100x20x8 cm UV protected bags can be custom manufactured to suit grower’s size requirements Manufactured from fine coco fibres, ready to grow packaging with drainage slits*, plant holes*, plank holes* and dripper holes* pre-cut and drilled *Available on request, conditions apply.