Excalibur Plastics Ltd. is rooted from the greenhouse industry. In 2002, Richard Colasanti, who at the time managed 50 acres of hydroponic tomatoes, 5 acres of vegetable propagation, along with his tenure in flower horticulture, was seeking replacement greenhouse plastic. Having previously tried 4 different brands there was one film that outperformed all the others. This flourishing brand was the MultiEVA plastic from Eiffel manufacturing located in Parma, Italy. Richard recognized this as an opportunity and arranged a meeting with the proprietor of Eiffel and explained his requirements and desires from a greenhouse operators perspective. subsequent to meeting with the owner of Eiffel in both Italy and Leamigton, Excalibur was granted the North American dealership for Eiffel´s high quality agricultural films. since that time, Excalibur Plastics Ltd. has grown to become a reputable supplier of value-added greenhouse products. We have since expanded our product line from one in 2002 to now 30+ products and our plan is to continue grow and prosper. Excalibur Plastics is located in the Leamington area, the greenhouse and tomato capital of Canada. Our product is distributed throughout Canada, USA, Mexico and Central America. Our number one goal is to fulfill and satisfy all of our customers needs and wants and do everything in our power to solve any problems they may come upon.